Action Plan

Oh God, I’m Spinning Out”
A Prayer

“There is so much I do not know
There is so much I cannot see
There is so much I cannot control
In the moments I feel powerless, I will take a deep breath
trusting that I am tasked only with doing my part, not the whole

In the moments I feel unsure, I will take a deep breath
trusting that I am not alone and that together, our wisdom will be richer
In the moments I feel anxious, I will take a deep breath
trusting that there is no depth I can fall out of reach of the Spirit that holds me close

What I do know is that my life and love and worth extend far beyond my work
What I can see is that spring follows every winter and new life pokes out from cold ground
What I can control is my breath and the love I inject into a world so clearly lacking it
And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Rev. Dr. Hannah Adams Ingram
March 10, 2020

COVID-19 Action Plan

At the recommendation of our church council, we will NOT be meeting for worship this coming Sunday March 15th and until further notice. This is being done as a preventative measure, not because we suspect any congregants have been exposed to COVID-19. Instead, we will be making preparations for what worship and community spiritual life will look for Brookmeade. More resources for worship will be forthcoming on our website and over email.

In the meantime, we encourage Brookmeade congregants to contact local representatives to ask that they take the spread of COVID-19 seriously in Tennessee and take appropriate preventative measures. We also ask that our congregants reach out to one another and to our pastoral team with COVID-19 related needs. At this time it brings us great joy and comfort to be part of the loving and caring community that is Brookmeade!

Ongoing Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in the local Community

  • Advocate for just and equitable access to healthcare for all people, as well as environmental policies that protect the well-being of ecosystems.
  • Participate in local grassroots organizing, denominational resources, and government information and initiatives around disease prevention and mitigation. An especially useful resource:
  • Pray for the health and well-being of all who are sick, including but not limited to those in the active congregation. Pray for those whose livelihood and financial stability is affected by illness or societal change.
  • Encourage non-participation in group gatherings and engaging in social distancing if a runny nose or cough is present or if you fall into a high-risk group.

Ongoing Measures to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 at Brookmeade

  • Cancellation of Sunday worship and expansion of opportunities for digital worship, study, and social connection through Zoom and other online media.
  • Provide pastoral and congregational care as appropriate and able for those in the congregation and wider Brookmeade community who need support during their own illness or the illness of a family member. Congregational care adopts a non-contact protocol for support provided for anyone within the congregation.
  • Request that financially stable people who support the church financially enroll in online giving to ensure that basic necessary bills can be covered even if in-person attendance is not possible.
  • Offer educational tools to the congregation to help ensure that people have good information
  • Any planned off-site official activities are postponed.
  • Request that those involved with the congregations of Brookmeade notify the pastoral team if they or their family members are diagnosed or quarantined through COVID19 exposure.
  • Meeting coordinators for each gathering will be instructed to use provided disinfectant supplies in each bathroom and common area to wipe down around faucet handles and doorknobs, and light switches after each meeting/worship service – or to designate a trusted participant to handle those tasks.
  • Notify coordinators of outside meetings (like AA) at the church of these policies and procedures and make plans for follow-up should the situation change.
  • Ensure that all groups meeting in the building at Brookmeade are adhering to these protocols and notifying Brookmeade if there are confirmed cases among their participants.
  • Ensure that council members are in communication about COVID-19 related topics, including sharing news of confirmed cases in the congregation or the congregation’s extended community while maintaining individual’s privacy.
  • Encouraged our church secretary to work from home as much as possible.
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