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Milkweed for Monarchs – the Butterfly Initiative

You might find it surprising that a church is promoting butterfly conservation as one of its undertakings. But at Brookmeade UCC, one of our fundamental values is social responsibility—that includes not just people, but the earth as well. So, when one of our members came to us expressing concern over the decline of Monarch butterfly populations, we jumped in and started planting milkweed.


Butterfly populations have been declining in the United States over the past few years. This is because where there were once large fields of flowers for habitat and food, now there are buildings, parking lots and large farms—with no food flowers for the butterflies.  A long time ago, butterflies could land almost anywhere and be assured of finding a decent place to rest and eat and lay eggs. Now, sometimes they have to fly many miles looking for a place and ultimately they exhaust themselves.

But there is good news! Anyone can help by planting beautiful flowers that we can enjoy ourselves. Our church, Brookmeade Congregational Church, UCC, is promoting the planting of milkweed for Monarch butterflies because they are a popular butterfly that is well-known and loved. They are a good symbol of what is happening to butterflies everywhere.  But let’s be clear—all butterflies need your help.

Butterflies are particular about what they eat and where they lay their eggs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plant many different kinds of flowers that attract butterflies. The links below can give you more information about milkweed.

Learn More Here:Monarch2

Brookmeade Congregational Church believes in uniting personal faith with social responsibility. We support peace and justice and social activism through the window of Christianity. We are an open and affirming congregation to all people wherever they are on their path. Brookmeade was founded in Nashville in 1923.

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