Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams at Brookmeade

Your Church Council and other congregational leaders have been working to reorganize the structure of Brookmeade to make our church more responsive, more focused and — especially — to make our work less cumbersome and more joyous. The result: Four fabulous Ministry Teams!

You may have questions

What is a Ministry Team?

A ministry team is a re-imagining of church work and especially church committee work. Each group carries out a part of Brookmeade’s mission.

What are the Brookmeade Ministry Teams?

Worship & Gathering — Our mission: Welcoming people into inspiring and inclusive Sunday worship services — by planning all the worship services, and staffing the roles needed to create good worship and offering an extravagant welcome.

Fellowship — Our mission: Creating community in the congregation — by planning events and occasions to gather and by nurturing all the communities within our congregation.

Christian Education — Our mission: Growing and maturing the congregation’s spiritual life and awareness — by offering learning opportunities for children, youth, and adults.

Mission & Outreach — Our mission: Sending people out from our community into their communities to share God’s love enthusiastically and courageously — by connecting people’s abilities, talents and spiritual gifts with opportunities for service and generosity.

Can I join a group? Yes please do join one of the groups! We are hoping that all Brookmeaders will join one of the four Ministry Teams.

Which Ministry Team can I join?

You get to decide! Join the group that sounds like the most fun — or the group that generates some energy and ideas in you — or the group that drafts you. Draft?! In other words, someone might ask you to join their group. If you want to, join that one!

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