Statement of Ministry (Brookmeade)

Photo of candleBrookmeade’s Statement of Ministry (written and adopted by our congregation)

The fellowship of Brookmeade Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, understands its ministry to be:

  • To bind together in fellowship persons who place their hope in the living God, providing a religious home for a wide spectrum of beliefs
  • To promote the principles of the God revealed in Jesus Christ rather than inflexible dogma, welcoming as members all those who are searching for truth
  • To encourage respect for differences in faith and practice, recognizing lively dialogue not as a threat, but as the mortar to our understanding of Christian unity
  • To foster an atmosphere of nurture and respect for the personhood of each participant, which is a function not of marital status, gender, or age, but of participation in the life of this church family
  • To provide a vibrant and disciplined program of Christian education informed by, but not limited to, the Biblical word, in which young people and adults, regardless of race, creed, or cultural background, can find spiritual sustenance and purpose for their lives in the midst of change and crisis
  • To strive to eliminate the discrepancy between the teaching of Christian principles and their practice in the world
  • To express our Christian concern for the dignity and worth of all the people, supporting those groups within the community and the world whose claim to basic human rights has yet to be realized
  • To mobilize the financial resources and energies of time and talent of people in this fellowship to respond to human need in our continual effort to reorder society on the basis of love
  • To toil for the day when people everywhere will be united by the reconciling love of God, reveals to us in the true man Jesus, whom we acknowledge to be the Christ.
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