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Whether you are new to our community or a long time Brookmeader, we encourage you to get involved in our community! Your first step is to make sure you’re signed up to get the Brookmeade Beat (our weekly email), and that you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. By following our social media and signing up to our email, you will be kept up to date on the life of the congregation and the various activities throughout the year. Don’t forget to check out our Current Events and our Calendar to see what is going on at Brookmeade right now!

Through these pages and our email, you’ll hear about our regular weekly and monthly events like our Monday Night Yoga, our Thursday night adult ed. class: Learn & Grow, our monthly Project CURE Volunteer Group, and the various walks and protests our congregation participates in. You’ll also have a heads up for our seasonal events like our Halloween party, Thanksgiving Meal, Nature Sunday, Kayak trips, retreats, picnics, Nashville Pride, Open-Mic Night, and so much more! All of these are great ways to stay involved in the life of our congregation and get to know Brookmeade.

If you have more time on your hands or feel called to get more involved in a specific ministry within our congregation, check out our ministry teams below and contact us to find out when they meet and how you can participate:

  1. Worship and Gathering
    • Do you love music? Or maybe you’re artistic or creative? Or maybe you’re passionate about what goes into a worship service? This could be the right team for you. Our W&G team assists our pastoral team in planning worship services, organizing Music Sundays, and planning special events like Nature Sundays. You don’t have to get up in front of the congregation and sing or play an instrument to be a part of this team (although you can if you want to).
  2. Fellowship Team
    • Do you have a deep love for people and human connection? Do you often think of fun activites/events to do with small or large groups? Maybe cooking food for people is your love language? This could be the team for you. Our Fellowship team helps organize and plan seasonal events and fun get-togethers that help our community grow together.
  3. Christian Education
    • Do you love learning? Are you passionate about teaching? Do you just enjoy expanding your knowledge? Our education team might be the perfect fit for you. This team plans our adult education classes and decides what topic we are going to focus on. We’ve covered topics like Dr. AJ Levine’s study of the parables of Jesus, racial justice, recognizing white privilege and fragility, environmental justice, the harm of mass incarceration, and so much more.
  4. Mission and Outreach
    • Are you passionate about justice? Do you care deeply for the systemic harm that exists in our world? Are you looking for ways to confront and dismantle those systems? Then consider joining our M&O team. This team helps Brookmeade stay up to date on protests, sit-ins, and vigils in the Nashville area. They also help us find places to volunteer and decide how to allocate our resources in serving others.
  5. Deacons
    • Are you curious about what goes into the week to week running of a church? Do you enjoy forming connections and making sure things run smoothly? Our deacons team could be a great fit! This team assists our pastor in making sure services run smoothly and the weekly needs of the congregation get met. Without this team, things would quickly fall apart!
  6. Trustees
    • Do you have a gift for numbers? Maybe you have experience in law or business? The trustees could use your help! Although a church is very different from a business, both have similar needs when it comes to planning, tracking, and allocating resources. Consider joining this team if you’re gifted in this area.

If none of these teams sound like the right fit for you, know that we are a church that is open to learning, growth, and change. If there’s something you’re passionate about and would like to take the lead on, please let us know so we can help support you and find ways for our members to get involved!

Our Church Council meets once a month. Officers and chairs of each group make up the Church Council. Please note that all are invited to any board or council meeting of interest! The meetings are posted in our weekly email. You can find directions to our church, contact us with more questions, or sign up for our weekly email by clicking here.

Feel free to learn more about our Worship service and our church Leadership. If you’d like to support Brookmeade’s ministries financially, you can click here to give.

We also encourage you to look at our COVID-19 Guidelines.

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