Sunday, October 31st: Music Sunday – All Saints Day Eve

Our next Music Sunday will be Oct 31st when we will celebrate All Saints Day. Please suggest or request a hymn, song, poem or other reading that is special to you personally or to your family history and we invite you to share the story of why the song has special meaning. We especially want toContinue reading “Sunday, October 31st: Music Sunday – All Saints Day Eve”

Send Music Sunday Contributions and Requests by Thursday, 1/21

This month has a 5th Sunday (January 31st) which means it is a Music Sunday online service! Do you have a song, poem or reading you would like included in the service? Would you like to request a favorite hymn to be included? Please contact us with your contributions or requests by next Thursday, January 21st!Continue reading “Send Music Sunday Contributions and Requests by Thursday, 1/21”

Sun. Sept. 29th: Music Sunday – Hymn Sing

September has 5 Sundays, meaning September 29th is Music Sunday! The Worship and Gathering team has decided this Music Sunday be a hymn sing. Throughout the year we sing hymns from throughout the hymnal, but we want to know what hymns and songs are important to YOU! Whether we have sung them in worship beforeContinue reading “Sun. Sept. 29th: Music Sunday – Hymn Sing”

Sun. April 29th: Music Sunday

Music Sunday April 29th; Sowing Seeds: Music and Musings for People and the Planet Please join us for our next Music Sunday on April 29th. If you have a reading or song that you’d like to share, please contact Keri or Mike. We’ll be honoring Martin Luther Ling Jr.’s legacy as well as honoring theContinue reading “Sun. April 29th: Music Sunday”