At this time, Brookmeade Congregational Church is following a hybrid worship service with in-person services from 10:30am-11:30am Sunday morning and an online worship video posted to our YouTube channel the following week. Sign up for our weekly email to receive our online bulletin and link to our worship video.

MASKS are now OPTIONAL for in-person worship at Brookmeade Congregational Church.

Let people wear masks without asking questions. Should an individual feel more comfortable seated in an area occupied ONLY by others wearing masks – two (2) areas will be provided for them. Signs will be placed on chairs in these areas.  Please refrain from sitting in these areas if you are unmasked.

New Protocols for New Times

  • ASK before you touch. Not everyone is comfortable with hugs or even with handshakes during Passing the Peace. Make it normal to ask before you touch people.
  • We have returned to serving communion by intinction but we will continue to offer prepackaged communion elements.
  • Due to the Memorial Gardens being under renovation we will be unable to share Fellowship time outside. If you are comfortable sharing food within the confines of Fellowship Hall we enthusiastically WELCOME you!
  • We continue to ask anyone who is feeling sick to please stay home and get tested.
  • We continue to encourage all who are able to get vaccinated.

The Church Council is 100% committed to your health and safety. The Mask Policy is FLUID. If there is a change that poses a threat either at the county, state or federal level immediate action will be taken to ensure safety for our church family.

If you cannot attend church in-person – don’t worry – we will continue to offer our recorded service on Brookmeade’s YouTube channel. These are emailed to our church body weekly.

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