Sun. Jan. 10th: Congregational Meeting

We will reconvene with congregational meetings on Sunday, January 10th at 6pm. Please plan to be present! New officers need to be present as we will be recording an affirmation liturgy for online worship. We will also continue discussing our options moving forward. Check your weekly email for details on how to join this Zoom meeting on yourContinue reading “Sun. Jan. 10th: Congregational Meeting”

Sun. Oct. 27th: Congregational Meeting and Potluck

Sunday, October 27th, we will share in a potluck and meet together to discuss the results of our recent RISE follow-up survey as well as other congregational issues. Teams should also be prepared to speak on what work they have been doing and how we can partner with them. The whole Brookmeade congregation is invitedContinue reading “Sun. Oct. 27th: Congregational Meeting and Potluck”

Sun. April 28th: RISE Part 2, Congregational Meeting and Potluck

RISE, Part 2, the Gathering, will be another lovely potluck and it will be combined with the congregational meeting right after church.  We will be diving further into the responses from the initial RISE question packet (please contact the church office if you have not received it and would like to add to the questionsContinue reading “Sun. April 28th: RISE Part 2, Congregational Meeting and Potluck”