Continuing Sundays until April 9th: Lenten Study Series “Unearthing Subversive Imagination”

Unearthing Subversive Imagination: A Lenten Journey for Adults and Youth

Sundays from 9:15-10:15 a.m., Beginning Sunday, Feb. 26 and continuing through April 9

We will use the book The Prophetic Imagination by renowned theologian Walter Brueggemann. About the book: “Writing in a popular, conversational style, Walter Brueggemann shows what the prophetic imagination is and why it can transform the present in powerful and unexpected ways . . . A clear understanding of the prophetic imagination, combining its rich Old Testament heritage and the prophetic ministry of Jesus, leads to the development of an alternative consciousness for our time.”

Our leaders will be student pastors Marty and Angela.

Questions? Contact the church office by phone (615-352-4702) or email (

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