Mon. June 18th: Pride Spirituality Night

We have the exciting opportunity to kick off Nashville Pride week by participating in Pride Spirituality Night on June 18th at 7pm in Vanderbilt’s Benton Chapel. Information about Brookmeade will appear in a resource guide that will be handed out at the event, which includes information about inclusive religious and spiritual communities in Nashville. Here’s how else we can participate…

  1. Visit social media and spread the word: Here is the link to the Pride Spirituality Night event page.
  2. Like to sing?The leaders of Pride Spirituality Night are looking for artists, musicians, and singers that would want to participate in the service. They will have one rehearsal the night before for the joint choir. If interested, please email Sarah or the church office.
  3. Show up at Pride Spirituality Night. Kick off pride week and link arms with those who consider themselves as spiritual in our beloved city of Nashville. It is beautiful when we can come together so please don’t miss this opportunity! Sarah plans to attend and looks forward to sitting with you!
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