Our Altar Project – NEW!

We are beginning something new at Brookmeade this fall, and we couldn’t be more excited! All are invited to bring an object from home to place on the altar table. Choose an object that represents your faith or spirituality, a meaningful experience, or feelings of hope and joy. It could be a photograph, a river stone, a souvenir, or a bouquet of flowers…the possibilities are endless! We will place them all together onto the altar table, which will become as unique as our family of faith.

In addition, during “Time with Family” in worship (formerly known as Time with Children), one person each week will share about what they brought in. This will be a wonderful way to learn and share together about our lives, stories, and faith. Know that we invite everyone to bring in an object, even if you would prefer not to share.

Go ahead and bring in your object this Sunday; if you forget, bring it next week! Throughout the fall, we will fill the altar table and make it uniquely ours!

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