Sun. Dec. 6th: Congregational Meeting

We have now had a series of four congregational meetings to discuss different options that have been proposed for Brookmeade’s future. During these meetings we have heard presentations about and discussed the four options that were sent out to the whole congregation through special emails. At their request, some members have received this information through the US Postal Service.

At the end of the most recent meeting, it was clear that many members are still not ready to have a formal vote on these options. As a result that meeting was continued to this Sunday, December 6 at 6:00 pm. The purpose of our meeting on December 6 will be for everyone present to share the spiritual, theological and moral reasons that move them to prefer one option over the others. How do you see God moving in and through Brookmeade at this time?  What do you sense as God’s continuing mission for Brookmeade? Sharing our answers to these fundamental questions in each others’ presence should help us feel part of one body of Christ as we make these important decisions.

You can find the link to the zoom meeting in your weekly email. Anyone unable to join via Zoom can call someone on staff or another member of the church to receive help participating through the Zoom phone line or by listening to the Zoom meeting on their phone. They should give a proxy to another member if they will not be seen in the meeting when we finally vote. A special email will be sent this Saturday with instructions on how to join the meeting and attached documents about the options we are discussing. 

We also expect to meet as a congregation on January 10, also at 6:00 pm.

Please keep reading your Beat under “Brookmeade Business” for updates on this important process.

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