New Learn & Grow Series and Time Change

Learn & Grow is a time of study and reflection on the Bible, theology, and the issues of today. We now meet on Zoom each Thursday at 7:00 pm.

NEW STUDY! January 13 – February 24, 2022 – Manna and Mercy by Daniel Erlander
From the Introduction: “This is a booklet about God–more  specifically the God of the Bible who is present and active in human history and in all creation… I am convinced that no one writes about the Bible without seeing through the eyeglasses of a point of view.  In this study the lens through which I see the entire Bible is the Jesus story, the Christ event.  Therefore, parts of the Bible come clearly into focus–those parts which envision a just, merciful, peaceful, inclusive, and non hierarchical society.  Other parts recede–those which tend toward ethnocentrism, exclusion, patriarchy, and domination.”  Why does Brookmeade care about social justice?  Manna and Mercy will show us how the message of social justice runs through the entire Bible.

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