Trans Day of Visibility

Today, on Transgender Visibility Day, Brookmeade stands with and for all transgender people. 

The God we reverence and worship loves every single human being as created, because every single human being is created in the image of God. God loves those who come to realize they inhabit a body that does not match the rigid preconceptions of many others, which whose preconceptions they feel obligated to wear. God has compassion for the distress caused by this disconnect, and for the confusion, even trauma, this can cause for those seeking only to live into the fullness of who they are as created by God. God also has compassion for those facing transgender identity in others, especially in loved ones.  

At Brookmeade, as individual members of the Body of Christ, we are free to believe and act in accordance with our perception of God’s will for our lives. But we are called to live in a loving, covenantal relationship with one another. That requires us both to affirm the truth of what we each uniquely experience of our embodied selves—pains, joys, and all else—and also to commit ourselves to accept and uphold  how others come to identify themselves in this world.  To uphold these covenants, we take up the ongoing work of educating ourselves on, and honoring—despite our prior expectations—the infinite range of our many God-given gifts and differences. 

So we call upon all our fellow human beings to join us in this covenantal and caring work of educating themselves about this long, mostly hidden phenomenon of transgender identity, and to trust others’ declarations of their own identity, because declaring an internal God-created identity at odds with preconceptions of the world takes courage and is the end result of wrestling with soul-deep pain. 

An excellent educational opportunity will unfold this evening. Please join us in joining our friend Dahron Johnson this evening at 6:00pm, through the link below. 

God calls each and every one of us to emulate God’s compassion and love toward all persons, and to act accordingly. 

Link to Event:

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