Sun. Dec. 6th: COW Offering

This Sunday we will be collecting our monthly C.O.W. offering to benefit Nashville’s Second Harvest Foodbank and Heifer International.

Nashville’s Foodbank has seen the same increased need for food as foodbanks around the U.S. during this pandemic. One in eight Middle Tennesseans struggle with hunger daily, and that includes  one in seven children in our region.

There is even more hunger in other parts of our globe. Heifer International continues to address global needs for people to be self-sustaining, including in parts of the United States. For example, if our total C.O.W. offering this month totaled $300, half of that would pay for Heifer International to provide an alpaca to an indigenous family in the Andes. Alpaca are the only grazing animals that do not harm the sensitive high-altitude environment in which they live. One alpaca will provide fiber for spinning and weaving or knitting items for sale as well as to wear, plus fertilizer for summer crops.

Let’s share the blessings we have received by sharing some of our wealth to feed and clothe others.

You can send a check to the church with the memo “COW Offering” or when you contribute online with you can designate “COW Offering”.

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