UCC Appeal for Haiti

Haitians Are Desperate for Our Help! 

As you know, Haiti has received triple blows in less than two months: the assassination of its president, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake on the peninsula just west of Port-au-Prince, and devastating rain in the same area from Tropical Storm Grace. The earthquake destroyed over 136,000 buildings in the capital leaving much of its population without any shelter from the rain and wind of the storm. And the assassination has thrown Haiti’s government into chaos, severely impairing its ability to respond to these two natural disasters. 

The UCC has asked its members to send at least $100,000 to help Haiti. You can contribute through Brookmeade’s Tithe.ly app by selecting “UCC Haiti Relief” from its drop-down menu, by check to Brookmeade with “UCC Haiti Relief” on the memo line, or by contributing directly and securely to the UCC effort through this link: https://www.ucc.org/ucc-issues-100000-appeal-for-haiti-after-7-2-earthquake-tropical-storm/

Food and medical supplies and aid workers are all desperately needed. Please give, knowing that these are God’s children in need. 

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